Do you learn everything out of a book?

Turn-key solutions for your training and training facility

"Training is one thing, but managing it is another"

Our team is at your disposal. We have engineers with a 30 year experience in life fire training facilities. We have sales managers with over 15 years of experience in the sale of training for commercial training sites and interim managers or instructors for at your disposal who have actually managed commercial training site in both Europe and North America. This team will assist your organization in any way you see fit.


Emergency response train-the-trainer

TrainID is specialized in Train-the-Trainer programs. 
The courses we developed are aimed at the emergency response Instructor.  Some skills need to be retrained and drilled. The same is true for teaching techniques. Instructors do what they like best and fall into a certain method. But perhaps there are new methods available, new insights, psychology to use? We make it our job to be informed about the latest techniques and methods. Our classes our full of new insights such as (but not limited to) NLP, Story Telling, Mind Mapping, use of Smart Boards intelligently, use of Tablets and presentation techniques.

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ARFF Training (EASA compliance)

In short: The new regulations for EASA in 2017 are perhaps unclear or you can use some assistance in this matter. We provide a specialist with an ARFF background that understand this new regulation well. 
Not only can we support your organization we also can offer you (pre-)Audits and training. Check-out our workshop/training for Fire Chiefs and Officers. In this workshop we can visit Boeing in the USA and do actual training with kerosene and perform a workshop on planning and tactics with former Fire Chiefs who dealt with real ARFF incidents.

  • ARFF Training at SERCO IFTC in Teesside
  • ARFF Training in San Bernardino USA
  • Incident commander workshops on site by experts in their field
  • Visit to airp[lane manufacturers per request
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Design & development of curriculum

TrainID is focused on the Emergency Response Training Sites and it's Educators.
We offer a turn-key solution to assist any owner in the management, sales, technical development and hiring and education the all important trainers.
We hope to teach those professionals a new way of educating emergency responders, with more efficiency, more fun and less down time.
We offer different type of services:

  • Interim management
  • Management support & coaching
  • Assistance in Technical design and maintenance
  • Assistance in Sales and marketing of the site
  • Assistance in developing curriculum
  • Assistance in personnel development
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Design & management of training facilities

Designing a training facility is no architectural job. It requires a thorough understanding of what is needed in the fire department and a facility must be designed as a tool, serving the learning objectives. Knowing what is available in the world of life fire training and be able to train the instructors with the tool is an added benefit.Curriculum development is a logical result.

  • Our process starts with an inventory of the training needs. Based on discussions with Instructors, Fire Fighters and Management a plan is drawn up. 
  •  Designing the right tools is important! In most cases an architect designs the facility or fire buildings. Unfortunately not always with the job of an instructor in mind. Not only the lay-out is important but also the location and building materials and the life fire props. We assist Architects during the development of the plans and builders during the build-out. But most importantly we assist the owner and user of the facility .
  • TrainID doesn't stop at designing. After the inventory is done, a preliminary idea needs to be worded, sketched and sent out to find architects, suppliers, and construction firms. We can assist or take care of this tedious task. We write the tender and make sure everyone gets involved. We have access to many examples and proven structures to ensure a thorough scope that is explicit in what is required and offers a support to compare offers one to one.
  • The latest addition to our services is the construction management and delivery. Acting on behalf of the customer we deal with the day to day management of construction. Keeping it on schedule, smoothing out any obstacle and making sure that the project is staying within budget. Together with our partner  we ensure our customer that their Tool or facility is delivered on time and in time!.
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Training courses

TrainID Offers standard training courses that can be adjusted to your situation or needs. These courses are based on our experiences and are sought after, especially after we did a train-the-trainer. They are more or less an extension of these classes and can be combined.

Any training we design is in princible available but we rather discuss with you what you need. Adjusting these courses are possible and even the depth in to which we teach the matter is flexible.

Please let us make you an offer and we design your specific class.

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